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House Rules - Artificer Infusion List

This is an attempt to create a comprehensive infusion list for Artificers that includes all of the infusions drawn from the various sourcebooks that I own. For the most part, this list does not include infusions that appear in either the Player's Handbook or the Spell Compendium, although I may get around to including them at some point. Some infusions are drawn from a variety of sourcebooks other than the Player's Handbook or Spell Compendium. For such infusions, their source is noted in the domain entry with a notation by the infusions in question. For guidance as to what sourcebooks these notated abbreviations reference, see my key to Sourcebook Abbreviations.

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1st Level

Ablative Armor (MoE)
Armor Enhancement, Lesser (ECS)
Energy Alteration (ECS)
Enhancement Alteration (ECS)
Indisputable Possession (MoE)
Inflict Light Damage (ECS)
Magic Stone
Magic Vestment
Magic Weapon
Metamagic Scroll (MoE)
Natural Weapon Augmentation, Personal (RoE)
Pending Potion (MoE)
Repair Light Damage (ECS)
Resistance Item (ECS)
Shield of Faith
Skill Enhancement (ECS)
Spell Storing Item (ECS)
Weapon Augmentation, Personal (ECS)

2nd Level

Align Weapon
Armor Enhancement (ECS)
Bear's Endurance
Bull's Strength
Cat's Grace
Chill Metal
Construct Essence, Lesser (RoE)
Eagle's Splendor
Elemental Prod (MoE)
Fox's Cunning
Heat Metal
Inflict Moderate Damage (ECS)
Lucky Blade (MoE)
Natural Weapon Augmentation, Lesser (RoE)
Owl's Wisdom
Reinforce Construct (MoE)
Repair Moderate Damage (ECS)
Shaping (VW:SA)
Suppress Dragonmark (MoE)
Toughen Construct (ECS)
Unseen Crafter (RoE)
Weapon Augmentation, Lesser (ECS)

3rd Level

Adamantine Weapon (MoE)
Armor Enhancement, Greater (ECS)
Blast Rod (MoE)
Construct Energy Ward (ECS)
Humanoid Essence, Lesser (RoE)
Inflict Serious Damage (ECS)
Lucky Cape (MoE)
Magic Weapon, Greater
Metamagic Item (ECS)
Power Surge (ECS)
Repair Serious Damage (ECS)
Spell Snare (MoE)
Stone Construct (ECS)
Suppress Requirement (ECS)

4th Level

Censure Elementals (MoE)
Concurrent Infusions (MoE)
Construct Energy Ward, Greater (ECS)
Globe of Invulnerability, Lesser
Humanoid Essence (RoE)
Inflict Critical Damage (ECS)
Item Alteration (ECS)
Iron Construct (ECS)
Minor Creation
Natural Weapon Augmentation (RoE)
Repair Critical Damage (ECS)
Rusting Grasp
Shield of Faith, Legion's (ECS)
Weapon Augmentation (ECS)

5th Level

Construct Essence (RoE)
Disrupting Weapon
Dominate Living Construct (RoE)
Inflict Light Damage, Mass (RoE)
Major Creation
Repair Light Damage, Mass (RoE)
Slaying Arrow (MoE)
Wall of Force
Wall of Stone

6th Level

Blade Barrier
Disable Construct (ECS)
Globe of Invulnerability
Hardening (ECS)
Humanoid Essence, Greater (RoE)
Inflict Moderate Damage, Mass (RoE)
Move Earth
Natural Weapon Augmentation, Greater (RoE)
Repair Moderate Damage, Mass (RoE)
Spell Snare, Greater (MoE)
Total Repair (ECS)
Wall of Iron
Weapon Augmentation (ECS)

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