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House Rules - Bard Spell List

This is an attempt to create a comprehensive spell list for Bards that includes all of the spells drawn from the various sourcebooks that I own. For the most part, this list does not include spells that appear in either the Player's Handbook or the Spell Compendium, although I may get around to including them at some point. Spells drawn from sources other than those two volumes are marked with a notation by the spells in question. For guidance as to what sourcebooks these notated abbreviations reference, see my key to Sourcebook Abbreviations.

One important note is that for the Three Worlds campaign setting, the Prestige Bard class replaces the base Bard class from the Player's Handbook. Consequently, this spell list is not used for this campaign setting. However, a Prestige Bard may add any spells that appear on this list but not on their original class spell list to the class spell list of whatever spell casting class they belonged to before becoming a Prestige Bard. For example, a Prestige Bard whose original spellcasting class was Sorcerer may treat the spell Crescendo of Indefatigability as if it were a first level spell on the Sorcerer/Wizard list.

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Boom (SoE)
Crawling Skin (SoI)
Dim (SoI)
Distract (SoI)
Dowsing (RR)
Flag (D302)
Footpad's Grace (D302)
Foraging Charm (D302)
Glittering Razors (D302)
Heat Water (D302)
Illusory Whisper (SoI)
Minor Stench (D302)
Mirror (D302)
Perfect Pitch (D302)
Quill (S&S)
Shelve (S&S)
Summarize (S&S)
Thunderhead (D302)
Yell (D302)


Ådon's Energy Armor (S&S)
Bad Luck (Færies)
Clean (RR)
Cloak of Fears (SoI)
Confession (BoRL)
Countercharm (BoRL)
Crescendo of Indefatigability (S&S)
Detect Gold (RR)
Disappear (RR)
Dust and Dirt (BoRL)
Eagle Eyes (S&S)
Flash (RR)
Gambler's Luck (BoRL)
Ghost Combatant (Shamans)
Good Luck (Færies)
Guilt (BoEM)
Jester's Gift (S&S)
Keen Ear (S&S)
Mantle of Shadows (S&S)
Obscured Script (SoI)
Private Conversation (BoRL)
Replace the Senses (Shamans)
Rogue's Stab (BoRL)
Shadowskin (SoI)
Silent Sound (BoRL)
Summon Dragon I (N:AA)
Summon Monster I (PHB)
Tasha's Tickle Finger (S&S)
Unravel (S&S)
Woda's Magic Aura (PHB)
Write (SoI)


Ådon's Force Wave (RR)
Alibi (RR)
Battlecry (RR)
Caire's Hymn (BoED)
Charm Spirit (Shamans)
Charming Lie (BoRL)
Cynthia's Cry of the Bat (PGtWBS)
Dead Man's Eyes (RR)
Dirge of the Walking Dead (S&S)
Disrobe (Færies)
Dramatic Visage (S&S)
Ecstasy (UHB)
Elation (BoED)
Ever Scent (RR)
Felonious Friend I (S&S)
Gandar's Chatterbox (S&S)
Gloom (RR)
Immobilize (S&S)
Imprint (S&S)
Insidious Insight (RoE)
Inspire (S&S)
Instability (S&S)
Intoxicate (RR)
Lockjaw (N:AA)
Lucius' Flurry (RR)
Misrepresent Alignment (RoE)
Peerless Camouflage (BoRL)
Phantom's Howl (RR)
Shadow Claws (SoI)
Sharpen Senses (PGtWBS)
Slipping the Ranks (S&S)
Summon Dragon II (N:AA)
Summon Monster II (PHB)
Vaßatar's Prank (RR)
Voice of Authority (S&S)
Weightless Cube (S&S)


Ådon's Dancing Shield (S&S)
Assassin's Senses (RR)
Babble (N:AA)
Call Aquatic Humanoid I (RR)
Curse of Terror (RR)
Cynthia's Sonic Wave (PGtWBS)
Debilitating Decrescendo (S&S)
Detect Dreams (RR2)
Dirge of Woe (RR)
Discordant Bolt (SoE)
Dragonskin (BoEM)
Fæy Mask (Færies)
False History (S&S)
False Love's Kiss (S&S)
Fearsome Fortissimo (S&S)
Fertility Charm (N:AA)
Gossip (S&S)
Greater Sleep (BoEM)
Hlín's Tiny Hut (PHB)
Inspired Aim (BoED)
Living Words (SoI)
Luck of the Fæy (Færies)
Maddening Mist (Shamans)
Mind Raid (RR)
Paraphasic Pianissimo (S&S)
Quick Escape (BoRL)
Read Spirit Echo (Shamans)
Shadow Sight (S&S)
Spiritual Bestowment (Shamans)
Spit Shine (BoRL)
Summon Dragon III (N:AA)
Summon Monster III (PHB)
Trigger Trap (S&S)
Unreasonable Rage (BoRL)
Unseen Marker (Gods)
Woda's Translator (RR)


Bål's Secure Shelter (PHB)
Blinding Beauty (BoED)
Darkness Nocturne (PGtWBS)
Deadly Darkness (SoI)
Discern Route (Færies)
Dolorous Motes (BoED)
Drums of Panic (N:AA)
Fair Light (BotR)
Felonious Friend II (S&S)
Follow the Shifting Sands (PGtWBS)
Ghostdweomer (RR)
Greater Quick Escape (BoRL)
Hlín's Secure Shelter (PHB)
Insidious Suggestion (RoE)
Lethargy (S&S)
Maddening Babble (S&S)
Madness (SoI)
Mask of Virtue (VW:SA)
Mind Over Matter (RR)
Multi Image (S&S)
Prelude to Day (PGtWBS)
Privacy (S&S)
Quick Learn (RR2)
Spirit Song (Shamans)
Stolen Sight (SoI)
Summon Dragon IV (N:AA)
Summon Monster IV (PHB)
Þunor's Secure Shelter (PHB)
Titan's Strength (S&S)
Vaßatar's Strife (RR)
Wall of Fear (Shamans)


Amnesia (DD and VW:SA)
Aninha's Prism Cloak (RR2)
Doomwail (RR)
Ecstatic Vision (PGtWBS)
Energy Bubbles (Færies)
Ghost Dance (Shamans)
Glimpse of Eternity (MoE)
Greater Ventriloquism (SoI)
Inquisition (RR)
Lobir (N:AA)
Lover's Curse (N:AA)
Summon Dragon V (N:AA)
Summon Monster V (PHB)
Sumptuous Feast (S&S)
Thief of Spells (BoRL)
Visitation (SoI)


Brid's Irresistible Dance (PHB)
Call Aquatic Humanoid II (RR)
Declaration of Death (RR)
Delayed Dream (SoI)
Empyreal Ecstasy (BoED)
Felonious Friend III (S&S)
Füllar's Irresistible Dance (PHB)
Glimpse of the Prophecy (MoE)
Greater Madness (SoI)
Lyßa's Irresistible Dance (PHB)
Puppet Master (S&S)
Serial Dream (SoI)
Shadowform (SoI)
Somnolent Pattern (SoI)
Summon Dragon VI (N:AA)
Summon Monster VI (PHB)
True Love (N:AA)
Trust in the Gods (RR2)

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