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House Rules - Beguiler Spell List

This is the spell list for Beguilers. Unlike other spells lists found on this site, this list includes spells that appear in the Player's Handbook and the Spell Compendium and few spells from other sources. Spells drawn from sources other than those two volumes will be marked with a notation by the spells in question. For guidance as to what sourcebooks these notated abbreviations reference, see my key to Sourcebook Abbreviations.

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Dancing Lights (PHB)
Daze (PHB)
Detect Magic (PHB)
Ghost Sound (PHB)
Message (PHB)
Open/Close (PHB)
Read Magic (PHB)


Charm Person (PHB)
Color Spray (PHB)
Comprehend Languages (PHB)
Detect Secret Doors (PHB)
Disguise Self (PHB)
Expeditious Retreat (PHB)
Hypnotism (PHB)
Mage Armor (PHB)
Obscuring Mist (PHB)
Rouse (PHB2)
Silent Image (PHB)
Sleep (PHB)
Undetectable Alignment (PHB)
Whelm (PHB2)


Blinding Color Surge (PHB2)
Blur (PHB)
Daze Monster (PHB)
Detect Thoughts (PHB)
Fog Cloud (PHB)
Glitterdust (PHB)
Hypnotic Pattern (PHB)
Invisibility (PHB)
Knock (PHB)
Minor Image (PHB)
Mirror Image (PHB)
Misdirection (PHB)
See Invisibility (PHB)
Silence (PHB)
Spider Climb (PHB)
Stay the Hand (PHB2)
Touch of Idiocy (PHB)
Vertigo (PHB2)
Whelming Burst (PHB2)


Arcane Sight (PHB)
Clairaudience/Clairvoyance (PHB)
Crown of Veils (PHB2)
Deep Slumber (PHB)
Dispel Magic (PHB)
Displacement (PHB)
Glibness (PHB)
Halt (PHB2)
Haste (PHB)
Hesitate (PHB2)
Hold Person (PHB)
Inevitable Defeat (PHB2)
Invisibility Sphere (PHB)
Legion of Sentinels (PHB2)
Major Image (PHB)
Nondetection (PHB)
Slow (PHB)
Suggestion (PHB)
Vertigo Field (PHB2)
Zone of Silence (PHB)


Charm Monster (PHB)
Confusion (PHB)
Crushing Despair (PHB)
Freedom of Movement (PHB)
Greater Invisibility (PHB)
Greater Mirror Image (PHB2)
Locate Creature (PHB)
Mass Whelm (PHB2)
Phantom Battle (PHB2)
Rainbow Pattern (PHB)
Solid Fog (PHB)


Break Enchantment (PHB)
Dominate Person (PHB)
Feeblemind (PHB)
Friend to Foe (PHB2)
Hold Monster (PHB)
Incite Riot (PHB2)
Mind Fog (PHB)
Rary's Telepathic Bond (PHB)
Seeming (PHB)
Sending (PHB)
Swift Etherealness (PHB2)


Greater Dispel Magic (PHB)
Mass Suggestion (PHB)
Mislead (PHB)
Overwhelm (PHB2)
Repulsion (PHB)
Shadow Walk (PHB)
True Seeing (PHB)
Veil (PHB)


Ethereal Jaunt (PHB)
Greater Arcane Sight (PHB)
Mass Hold Person (PHB)
Mass Invisibility (PHB)
Phase Door (PHB)
Power Word, Blind (PHB)
Project Image (PHB)
Spell Turning (PHB)


Demand (PHB)
Discern Location (PHB)
Mind Blank (PHB)
Moment of Prescience (PHB)
Power Word, Stun (PHB)
Scintillating Pattern (PHB)
Screen (PHB)


Dominate Monster (PHB)
Etherealness (PHB)
Foresight (PHB)
Mass Hold Monster (PHB)
Power Word, Kill (PHB)
Time Stop (PHB)

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