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House Rules - Mind Weaver Spell List

This is the spell list for Mind Weavers. Unlike other spells lists found on this site, this list includes spells that appear in the Player's Handbook and the Spell Compendium and few spells from other sources. Spells drawn from sources other than those two volumes will be marked with a notation by the spells in question. For guidance as to what sourcebooks these notated abbreviations reference, see my key to Sourcebook Abbreviations.

All of the material contained on this page and other pages of this blog is presented in accordance with the terms of the Open Game License.


Dancing Lights (PHB)
Daze (PHB)
Detect Magic (PHB)
Mage Hand (PHB)
Mending (PHB)
Open/Close (PHB)
Prestidigitation (PHB)


Animate Rope (PHB)
Cause Fear (PHB)
Charm Person (PHB)
Color Spray (PHB)
Entropic Shield (PHB)
Expeditious Retreat (PHB)
Feather Fall (PHB)
Hold Portal (PHB)
Hypnotism (PHB)
Jump (PHB)
Mage Armor (PHB)
Magic Missile (PHB)
Pass without Trace (PHB)
Shield (PHB)
Sleep (PHB)
Spider Climb (PHB)
Maþ's Floating Disk (PHB)
True Strike (PHB)


Blur (PHB)
Bull's Strength (PHB)
Cat's Grace (PHB)
Darkvision (PHB)
Detect Thoughts (PHB)
Enthrall (PHB)
Flaming Sphere (PHB)
Levitate (PHB)
Locate Object (PHB)
Make Whole (PHB)
Minor Image (PHB)
Mirror Image (PHB)
Protection from Arrows (PHB)
Resist Elements (PHB)
See Invisibility (PHB)
Shatter (PHB)
Sound Burst (PHB)
Spectral Hand (PHB)
Suggestion (PHB)
Tongues (PHB)
Undetectable Alignment (PHB)


Charm Monster (PHB)
Clairaudience/Clairvoyance (PHB)
Dispel Magic (PHB)
Displacement (PHB)
Fireball (PHB)
Flame Arrow (PHB)
Fly (PHB)
Haste (PHB)
Hold person (PHB)
Invisibility Purge (PHB)
lesser Geas (PHB)
Lightning Bolt (PHB)
Major Image (PHB)
Nondetection (PHB)
Slow (PHB)
Water Breathing (PHB)
Water Walk (PHB)


Detect Scrying (PHB)
Dimension Door (PHB)
Discern Lies (PHB)
Dominate Person (PHB)
Calm Emotions (PHB)
Fire Shield (PHB)
Freedom of Movement (PHB)
Good Hope (PHB)
Greater Invisibility (PHB)
Locate Creature (PHB)
Modify Memory (PHB)
Minor Creation (PHB)
Minor Creation (PHB)
Minor Globe of Invulnerability (PHB)
Phantasmal Killer (PHB)
Polymorph (PHB)
Rage (PHB)
Shadow Conjuration (PHB)
Shout (PHB)
Stoneskin (PHB)
Wall of Fire (PHB)


Cone of Cold (PHB)
Greater Shadow Conjuration (PHB)
Feeblemind (PHB)
Flame Strike (PHB)
Hold Monster (PHB)
Ishi's Telepathic Bond (PHB)
Major Creation (PHB)
Mislead (PHB)
Persistent Image (PHB)
Passwall (PHB)
Prying Eyes (PHB)
Shadow Evocation (PHB)
Stone Shape (PHB)
Telekinesis (PHB)
Teleport (PHB)


Analyze Dweomer (PHB)
Chain Lightning (PHB)
Disintegrate (PHB)
Geas/Quest (PHB)
Greater Dispelling (PHB)
Greater Shadow Evocation (PHB)
Flesh to Stone (PHB)
Iku-Tyrma's Freezing Sphere (PHB)
Mass Haste (PHB)
Mass Suggestion (PHB)
Move Earth (PHB)
Permanent Image (PHB)
Programmed Image (PHB)
Project Image (PHB)
Repulsion (PHB)
Shades (PHB)
Stone to Flesh (PHB)
True Seeing (PHB)
Wind Walk (PHB)


Delayed Blast Fireball (PHB)
Ethereal Jaunt (PHB)
Finger of Death (PHB)
Phase Door (PHB)
Power Word, Stun (PHB)
Plane Shift (PHB)
Prismatic Spray (PHB)
Regenerate (PHB)
Shadow Walk (PHB)
Spell Turning (PHB)
Teleport without Error (PHB)
Vanish (PHB)


Discern Location (PHB)
Horrid Wilting (PHB)
Iron Body (PHB)
Mass Charm (PHB)
Otiluke's Telekinetic Sphere (PHB)
Polymorph Any Object (PHB)
Protection from Spells (PHB)
Power Word, Blind (PHB)
Prismatic Wall (PHB)
Sunburst (PHB)


Astral Projection (PHB)
Dominate Monster (PHB)
Energy Drain (PHB)
Foresight (PHB)
Gate (PHB)
Implosion (PHB)
Power Word, Kill (PHB)
Prismatic Sphere (PHB)
Shapechange (PHB)
Time Stop (PHB)
Wail of the Banshee (PHB)
Weird (PHB)
Woda's Disjunction (PHB)

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