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House Rules - Penumbral Lord Spell List

This is the spell list for Penumbral Lords. Unlike many other spells lists found on this site, this list includes spells that appear in the Player's Handbook and the Spell Compendium as well as spells from other sources. Spells drawn from sources other than those two volumes will be marked with a notation by the spells in question. For guidance as to what sourcebooks these notated abbreviations reference, see my key to Sourcebook Abbreviations.

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Arcane Mark (PHB)
Dancing Lights (PHB)
Detect Magic (PHB)
Distort Shadow (RR)
Lengthen Shadows (BoRL)
Prestidigitation (PHB)
Read Magic (PHB)
Shadow Bite (BoRL)
Shadow Blindness (BoRL)
Shadow Knife (BoRL)


Gloom (RR)
Obscure Shadow (RR)
Penumbral Trap (RR)
Reshape Shadow (RR)
Shade's Sight (RR)
Shadow Hands (BoRL)
Shadow Purse (BoRL)


Animate Shadow (RR)
Banish Shadow (RR)
Darken Soul (PP)
Implicit Darkness (PP)
Minor Shadow Conjuration (RR)
Shadow Images (RR)
Shadow Jump (BoRL)
Zilvanus' Shadow Bolt (RR)


Chain of Shadows (PP)
Control Light (RR)
Minor Shadow Evocation (RR)
Shadow Bridge (BoRL)
Shadow Echoes (PP)
Shadow Form of Lyrand (RR)
Shadow Sight (S&S)
Shadow Strike (RR)
Shadow Tide (PP)
Shadow Touch (RR)


Imbue Shadow (RR)
Shadow Conjuration ({HB)
Shadow Shield (RR)
Vision of Night (PP)


Curtain of Darkness (RR)
Shadow Evocation (PHB)
Shadow Stride (PP)
Shadow Weapon (RR)


Shades (PHB)
Shadow Smash (RR)
Transmute Flesh to Shadow (RR)


Shade Evocation (PHB)
Shadow Storm (RR)
Shadow Walk (PHB)


Blackflame (RR)
Shadow Twin (RR)


Eclipse (RR)
Shadow Projection (SHB)

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