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Campaign Design - Spells: Eclipse

Eclipse (adapted from Relics & Rituals)

Level: Penumbral Lord 9
Components: S, M XP
Casting Time: An entire night
Range: The sun (or suns)
Target, Effect, or Area: The entire world
Duration: 10 minutes per caster level (D)
Saving Throw: None
Spell Resistance: No

The tremendous power required to control the conjunction between the Shadow Realm and the Material World that this spell creates requires the caster to spend the entire night before the day of the eclipse in preparation. At dawn, the casting is complete and the penumbral lord may choose any moment of the next day, from sunrise to sunset, for the effect the spell to begin. There is a period of several moments prior to the actual duration of the spell when the sun is slowly blocked and then more time after the spell's duration ends when it is slowly revealed, but there are no special effects during this time except those the DM may impose due to low light.

The effects of this spell cover the entire geographical area of the world that is illuminated by sunlight at the moment the caster decides to initiate the effects. When the duration of the spell begins, the entire sunlit surface of the world is blanketed by very dim light. Normal vision allows sight up to 20 feet, while low-light vision doubles this to 40 feet. Darkvision affords no benefits, as this is considered magical darkness. Likewise, no light whether mundane or magical (including all effect not created directly by a divine or profane power, even if that effect says it overrides all other variations of light or dark), will push back this darkness; in fact, such effects do not operate at all. Mundane light sources are extinguished, magical lights are dampened until the end of the spell, and magic that creates lights, darkness, or related effects simply does not function.

While bathed in this environment of magical shadow and with the proximity of the Shadow Realm, a penumbral lord is able to use his shadowcast ability without the need to expend hit points in the place of prepared spells. That is, a penumbral lord may cast all of his prepared spells of whatever variety up to 6th level without limit until the eclipse passes. 7th- and 8th-level spells may be shadowcast as per the normal means.

Any penumbral lord gains this benefit during an eclipse, not solely the one who cast the eclipse.

Material components: A large diamond worth at least 25,000 shillings and a black velvet or silk cloth with which to cover it. The diamond is consumed in the casting.

Experience point cost: 5,000 experience points.

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