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Racial Feats - Khülen

Khülen Feats

The following feats may be taken by khülen characters in the Three Worlds. In some cases these feats have been modified from the original. In all cases the versions of the feats presented here are the feats to be used in the Three Worlds Campaign setting.

This list uses several abbreviations to show what sourcebook the entries were drawn from. For guidance as to what sourcebooks these abbreviations reference, see my key to Sourcebook Abbreviations.

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Feat Name
Beasthide Elite
Khülen with the beasthide traitWhen you shift your natural AC bonus is better than usual
Blood of Þunor
Human or Khülen, ability to rageWhen you rage, you gain bonus damage points that may be applied to your attacks
Human or Khülen, Strength 13+You gain bonus skill points that can be spent on Strength-based skills
Bulwark of Life
-You are more resistant than normal to ability damage
Channeled Rage
Khülen, ability to rageYou can focus your rage to counter charms and compulsions
Cliffwalk Elite
Khülen with the cliffwalk traitWhen you shift, your Climb speed increases by +10 feet
Scent or the scent abilityYou can detect poisons with your keen sense of smell
Depths of Strength
-You do not die until you reach a hit point total -5 points lower than normal
Oath of Dreams and Khülen or Fæy-blooded or sorcerer with the Fæy heritageYou are immune to magical compulsions
Dreamsight Elite
Khülen with the dreamsight traitWhen you shift, you gain a bonus to Spot checks and can see invisible creatures
Khülen with the dreamsight trait, Wisdom 15+You can recognize and interpret sending dreams
Ear to the Ground
Dwarf or Khülen with the dreamsight or wildhunt trait, Skill Augmentation (Listen and Spot), Listen 6+ ranksYour close connection to the earth and natural world allows you to detect foes at great distance
Extra Khülen Trait
Khülen, two other khülen featsYou manifest a second khülen trait while shifting
Khülen with the truedive trait, Skill Focus (Swim), Swim 4+ ranksYou can float on the surface of water with ease
Flow With the Current
Khülen with the truedive trait, Flotation, Skill Focus (Swim), Swim 4+ ranksYou gain a bonus to Initiative checks and Reflex saves while you are in the water
Fur-Like-Dusk Totem
KhülenYou gain a bonus to Climb checks and can channel Fur-Like-Dusk to lay on hands
Gorebrute Elite
Khülen with the gorebrute traitYou can knock opponents prone with your charge attacks
Great Bite
Khülen with the longtooth trait, BAB +6Your bite attacks have a critical multiplier of x3
Great Lungs
Constitution 13+, EnduranceYou can hold your breath for twice as long as normal
Great Rend
Khülen with the razorclaw trait, BAB +4You deal extra damage if you successfully strike with both claw attacks
Greater Khülen Defense
Khülen, Khülen Defense, three other khülen featsWhen shifting, your damage reduction improves to DR 4/silver
Healing Factor
Khülen, Constitution 13+When you stop shifting, you heal 1 hit point per character level
Hunter's Wisdom
Khülen, Knowledge: Nature 5+ ranksYour knowledge of nature allows you to increase your critical threat range when fighting animals
Initiate of the Spirit Ways
Charisma 13+, Khülen or native of Elizon or MenæviaYou gain a bonus to social skills when dealing with spirits and may take any number of totem feats
Intuitive Caster
Wisdom 17+, Spell PenetrationYou may add your Wisdom modifier to caster level checks to overcome spell resistance
Keen Scent
Scent or the scent ability, Wisdom 15+Your scent ability has a range of 60 feet
Khülen Agility
Khülen with the cliffwalk, longstride, or swifwing traitYou gain a bonus to AC and Reflex saves while shifting
Khülen Defense
Khülen, two other khülen featsYou gain DR 2/silver while shifting
Khülen Ferocity
Khülen, Wisdom 13+You can continue to fight while disabled and continue to act while dying
Khülen Instincts
KhülenYou gain a bonus to Listen, sense Motive, and Spot checks as well as Initiative checks
Khülen Multiattack
Khülen with the longtooth or razorclaw trait, BAB +6Your secondary attack with a natural weapon takes only a -2 penalty
Khülen Savagery
Khülen with the gorebrute, longtooth, or razorclaw trait, ability to rage or frenzy, BAB +6When you rage and shift, the threat range and damage dice of your natural weapons is increased
Khülen Stamina
Khülen with the beasthide, truedive, or wildhunt trait, EnduranceWhen you shift, you are immune to nonlethal damage, fatigue, and exhaustion
Longstride Elite
Khülen with the longstride traitWhen you shift, your speed increases by a further +10 feet
Longtooth Elite
Khülen with the longtooth traitFoes struck with your bite attack take Constitution damage
Menacing Demeanor
KhülenYou gain a bonus to Intimidate checks
Mutable Body
Shapechanger subtypeTransmutation spells can be more effective when cast upon you.
Nose for Magic
Keen ScentYou can detect magic by scent
Rapid Swimming
Khülen or Savage Humanoid, natural swim speed, base Fortitude save +2Your swim speed increases
Razorclaw Elite
Khülen with the razorclaw traitYou can make two claw attacks as part of a charge
Reactive Shifting
Khülen, Improved InitiativeYou can shift as an immediate action, even when it is not your action
Khülen or Savage Humanoid, Wisdom 11+You gain the scent ability
Khülen or Savage Humanoid, Leadership, 25+ years oldYou gain a bonus to Intimidate checks and your Leadership score
Swiftwing Elite
Khülen with the swiftwing traitWhile shifting, your fly speed and maneuverability is better than normal
Track by Hearing
Wisdom 13+, Track, Listen 5+ ranksYou can track creatures by sound
Track by Scent
Wisdom 15+, TrackYou can track creatures by scent
Tree Singing
Khülen or Lycanthrope-Blooded, Bardic Music ability, Knowledge: Nature 2+ ranks, Perform: Singing or percussion instrument 3+ ranksYou can use your bardic music ability to cast certain nature-oriented spells
Truedive Elite
Khülen with the truedive traitWhile shifting, your swim speed is higher than normal and you do not suffer penalties in underwater combat
Truth of Unity
-You gain synergy bonuses to Heal checks from a wide range of skills
Wildhunt Elite
Khülen with the wildhunt traitWhile shifting, you gain blindsense with a range of 30 feet
Khülen with the dreamsight trait, Charisma 15+You can speak with animals

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