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House Rules - Druid/Spirit Shaman Spell List

This is an attempt to create a comprehensive spell list for druids and spirit shamen that includes all of the spells drawn from the various sourcebooks that I own. For the most part, this list does not include spells that appear in either the Player's Handbook or the Spell Compendium, although I may get around to including them at some point. Spells drawn from sources other than those two volumes are marked with a notation by the spells in question. For guidance as to what sourcebooks these notated abbreviations reference, see my key to Sourcebook Abbreviations.

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Adhere to Wood (RR)
Chill/Warmth (RR)
Discern Aura (Shamans)


Buoyancy Net (RR)
Chameleon Cloak (RR)
Champion Swimmer (RR2)
Charm Spirit (Shamans)
Confront Curse Spirit (SHB)
Detect Curse/Taboo (SHB)
Detect Spirits (Shamans)
Douse (BoRL)
Eagle Eyes (S&S)
Extend Shifting (RoE)
Invisibility to Spirits (SHB)
Keen Ear (S&S)
Lay to Rest (SHB)
Lucius' Rustling Leaves (S&S)
Minor Symbol of Divinity (RR)
Moonscript (BoRL)
Protection from Spirits (SHB)
Razor Claws (Gods)
See Spirits (SHB)
Shockwave Strike (RR)
Silveryberry (PGtCD)
Spirit Dart (SHB)
Web Walking (S&S)
Whirlwind of Ice (S&S)
Whispering Branches (S&S)


Animal Infusion (RR)
Blight (SHB)
Body of Sand (RRII)
Call Aquatic Animal I (RR)
Chameleon Skin (S&S)
Circle of Sounds (RR)
Cold Snap (RR)
Confront Disease Spirit (SHB)
Confront Magical Spirit (SHB)
Dig (S&S)
Doom Fog (S&S)
Feign Death (BoRL)
Fleet Feet (S&S)
Ghost Touch (SHB)
Identify Spirit (SHB)
Mass Revelation (Shamans)
Oaken Archer (PGtCD)
Roof Runner (BoRL)
Scent of the Beast (Gods)
Silent as Rats (BoRL)
Small as Mice (BoRL)
Spirit Claws (SHB)
Spirit Spear (SHB)
Surface (S&S)
Syfa's Stick Servant (RR)
Tozlan Refuge (RR2)


Animal Spy (RR)
Battle Rage (SHB)
Beast Soul (RR)
Body of Eyes (SHB)
Discern Shapechanger (OA and RoE)
Enhanced Shifting (RoE)
Expedite Poison (UHB)
Magic Circle against Spirits (SHB)
Mark of Air (BoEM)
Mark of Earth (BoEM)
Mark of Fire (BoEM)
Mark of Frost (BoEM)
Materialize (SHB)
Nature's Bounty (SHB)
Pressure Sphere (RR)
Read Spirit Echo (Shamans)
Rescue (S&S)
Stonelore (S&S)
Surtan's Farstrike (RR)
Syfa's Affinity with Nature (S&S)
Syfa's Exile from Nature (RR)
Thorn Throw (RR)
Treehouse (PGtCD)


Armor of Brambles (RR2)
Aspect of the Werebeast (RoE)
Black Mulching (BoEM)
Blinding Beauty (BoED)
Call Aquatic Animal II (RR)
Cull the Weak (Shamans)
Ethereal Projection (SHB)
Floor of Fire (S&S)
Frostform (RR2)
Kiss of the Storm (PGtCD)
Live Wood (RR)
Polymorphic Projection (SHB)
Rumor of the Earth (S&S)
Spirit Wall (SHB)
Treant Shape (Gods)
Venomous Spray (S&S)
Wall of Earth (S&S)
Wind Tunnel (S&S)


Breath of Death (RR2)
Death Curse (SHB)
Finger of Life (S&S)
Gangyn's Poison Pillar (S&S)
Ghost Dance (Shamans)
Greater Ethereal Projection (SHB)
Greater Mark of Air (BoEM)
Greater Mark of Fire (BoEM)
Gutroot (RR)
Journey of Healing (SHB)
Journey of Soul Retrieval (SHB)
Lesser Astral Projection (SHB)
Maddening Mist (Shamans)
Sap Strength (RR2)
Wall of Vermin (S&S)


Awaken the Land (Shamans)
Cleanse (Gods)
Curse Turning (SHB)
Dark Water (RR)
Ethereal Banishment (SHB)
Firebird (FPT)
Forge Rock (Gods)
Freezing Claw (BoEM)
Hall of Fire (S&S)
Khil's Iron Bead (RR2)
Mass Ethereal Projection (SHB)
Power Walk (Shamans)
Slay Spirit (SHB)
Þunor's Iron Bead (RR2)
Wünd's Iron Bead (RR2)




Journey of Mass Healing (SHB)
Unearthly Beauty (BoED)


Control Nature (Gods)
Shadow Projection (SHB)
Þunor's Fury (RR)

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