Sunday, January 2, 2011

Campaign Design - Spells: Moonbeam

Moonbeam (from the Book of the Righteous)

Level: Druid/Spirit Shaman 6, Moon 6
Components: V, S, DF
Casting Time: 1 standard action
Range: Medium (100 feet + 10 feet per caster level)
Target, Effect, or Area: Beam 5 feet wide and 100 feet + 10 feet per caster level long, starting at a point right in front of you
Duration: 1 round per caster level or until all beams are exhausted
Saving Throw: Reflex and Will negates (see text)
Spell Resistance: Yes

For the duration of this spell, you can use a standard action to create a gentle and soporific shaft of moonlight each round. You can call forth one beam per three caster levels (to a maximum of six beams at 18th level). The spell ends when its duration runs out or your allotment of beams is exhausted.

All creatures caught in the beam are lulled by moonlight, causing them to grow weary immediately. A creature in the path of the beam must succeed at a Fortitude save or immediately become fatigued as after a barbarian's rage ends, suffering a -2 penalty to their Strength and Dexterity scores and becoming unable to run or charge until the end of combat. An affected creature must then make a Will save or be lulled completely to sleep. Any creature that succeeds at its Fortitude save need not make the Will save to remain awake. Targets affected by the sleep effect are subject to all of the effects of the sleep spell, although moonbeam has no Hit Die limit on the creatures that can be affected.

Undead creatures caught within the beam are instead dealt 1d4 points of damage per caster level (maximum 10d4), or half damage with a successful Reflex saving throw. In addition, the beam results in the forcible transformation of all lycanthropes it touches into beast form if they fail their Reflex save.

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