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Campaign Design - Spells: Detect Curse/Taboo

Detect Curse/Taboo (adapted from the Shaman's Handbook)

Level: Druid/Spirit Shaman 1
Components: V, S, DF
Casting Time: 1 standard action
Range: 60 feet
Target, Effect, or Area: Quarter circle emanating from you to the extreme of the range
Duration: Concentration, up to 10 minutes per caster level (D)
Saving Throw: None
Spell Resistance: No

You can sense whether or not a person, place, or object has any taboos or curses places upon it and, given time, learn more about them. The spell detects all enchantments, transmutations, and curses, as well as taboos. The amount of information depends on how long you study a particular subject.

  • 1st round: Presence or absence of taboos or curses (or both).
  • 2nd round: Number of taboos or curses in the area and the strength of the strongest one.
  • 3rd round: The strength and location of each taboo or curse. If items or creatures bearing the taboos or curses are in line of sight, you can make a Spellcraft check to determine the nature of the taboo or curse. Make one check per item; DC 15 + spell level or DC 15 + ½ caster level for taboos and other non-spell effects. If the check is successful, you know the general effect of the taboo or curse and what can dispel it (if anything).

Magical areas and strong magical emanations may confuse or conceal weaker auras. The caster level of a taboo is based on the level when the character acquired it.

Aura Strength
An aura’s power depends on a spell’s functioning spell level or an item’s caster level. If an aura falls into more than one category, detect curse/taboo indicates the stronger of the two.

Spell or Object
Aura Power
Functioning spell (spell level)
3rd or lower
4th - 6th
7th - 9th
10th+ (deity-level)
Magic item (caster level)
5th or lower
6th -11th
12th - 20th
21th+ (artifact)

Lingering Aura
A magical aura lingers after its original source dissipates (in the case of a spell) or is destroyed (in the case of a magic item). If detect curse/taboo is cast and directed at such a location, the spell indicates an aura strength of dim (even weaker than a faint aura). How long the aura lingers at this dim level depends on its original power:

Original Strength
Duration of Lingering Aura
1d6 rounds
1d6 minutes
1d6 × 10 minutes
1d6 days

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