Sunday, January 2, 2011

Campaign Design - Spells: Drums of Panic

Drums of Panic (from Nyambe: African Adventures)
Enchantment (Compulsion)[Mind-Affecting]

Level: Bard 4, Dance 5
Components: V, S, F
Casting Time: 1 full round
Range: Personal
Target, Effect, or Area: All enemies in a 30-foot-radius burst, centered on you
Duration: Concentration to a maximum duration of 1 round per caster level
Saving Throw: See text
Spell Resistance: Yes

To cast drums of panic, the caster must have at least one rank in the Perform: Drums skill, and must make a Perform: Drums skill check. All applicable targets within 30 feet of the caster must make a Will save with a DC equal to the result of the Perform: Drums check or become panicked for 1d4 rounds.

If a target successfully saves, the caster can continue to play the drums for a maximum of 1 round per caster level, rerolling the Perform: Drums check and requiring a new Will save for all those within the area each round.

Focus: A set of masterwork drums.

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