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General Rules: Feats - Child of the Heavens

Child of the Heavens [Scion] (from Relics & Rituals II and the Player's Guide to Wizards, Bards, and Sorcerers)
You have been touched by the power of the heavens - and are perhaps even descended from a celestial being. Children of the heavens are always marked in some way, usually with white-gold hair or pale blue eyes.
   Prerequisite: Sorcerer level 1st+.
   Benefit: You must take the spells associated with this feat at the earliest opportunity in your level advancement. You gain a +1 effective caster level when casting these spells. You gain a +2 bonus to all Sense Motives checks. The spells associated with Child of the Heavens are:

Child of the Heavens Spells
0th: Disrupt undead, light
1st: Protection from evil, summon monster I
2nd: Scorching ray, summon monster II
3rd: Magic circle against evil, summon monster III
4th: Purifying flames (RR), summon monster IV
5th: Contact other plane, summon monster V
6th: Power word, thunder (RR), summon monster VI
7th: Plane shift, summon monster VII
8th: Summon monster VIII, sunburst
9th: Gate, summon monster IX

   Special: Creatures summoned through the use of your summon monster spells must either be creatures with the celestial template or actual celestials.

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