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General Rules: Feats - Witch of the Serpent's Blood

Witch of the Serpent's Blood [Scion] (from Relics & Rituals II)
You have been touched by the power of Seþra. Those with that feat often have some kind of birthmark or physical deformity that marks them as of the brood of Seþra, from a patch of scales to a serpent-shaped birthmark to an angry red area that looks like a snakebite.
   Prerequisite: Sorcerer level 1st+.
   Benefit: You must take the spells associated with this feat at the earliest opportunity in your level advancement. You gain a +1 effective caster level when casting these spells. You gain a +2 bonus to all Fortitude saves against poison. The spells associated with Witch of the Old Blood are:

Witch of the Serpent's Blood Spells
0th: Daze, detect poison
1st: Acid spittle (RR), chameleon cloak (RR)
2nd: Melf's acid arrow, summon swarm
3rd: Animal infusion (RR), haste
4th: Evard's black tentacles, Yaral's totemic transformation (RR)
5th: Greater familiar (RR), nethergaze (RR)
6th: Acid fog, awaken lesser infernal avatar (RR)
7th: Seþra's serpents hands (RR), sever (RR)
8th: Horrid wilting, power word, blind
9th: Power word, kill, shapechange

   Special: Where an animal must be chosen or rolled randomly, the result must always be snakes or serpents whenever possible.

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