Tuesday, January 4, 2011

General Rules: Feats - Racial Emulation

Racial Emulation [Changeling]
You can emulate a humanoid more closely with your minor change shape ability.
   Prerequisite: Changeling.
   Benefit: When you use your minor change shape ability to assume the form of a humanoid creature, you can also emulate any of that humanoid's subtypes. Though you do not gain any of the humanoid's traits, you are considered to be a member of that race for all other purposes (allowing you to use magic items or spells keyed to race, for example). You can also ignore the normal penalty on Disguise checks when disguising yourself as a different race (see the Disguise skill description, page 72 of the Player's Handbook). You can only emulate one race at a time, and you always retain the shapechanger subtype.

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