Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Campaign Design - Unholy Warrior Domains: Gluttony

Gluttony Domain
Infernal Power: Bål.

First Granted Power
Taste (Ex): Unholy warriors with this ability may taste the air, gaining information from it as if they had the Scent ability. If the unholy warrior already has the Scent ability, the effective range doubles.

Second Granted Power
Wave of Hunger (Sp): As a standard action, once per day, an unholy warrior may unleash a wave of putrescent energy, forcing all within 30 feet to make a Fortitude save with a DC of 10 + half the unholy warrior's class level + the unholy warrior's Charisma modifier. On a failed save, insatiable hunger overcomes the victim, who can do nothing else but attempt to eat for 1d6 rounds. if there is no food available, the victims will set upon the dead, filth, dung, or anything remotely edible (even slime). Victims will not attempt to eat inorganic material such as weaponry, rocks, or anything else similarly harmful, unless then is a normal part of their diet.

Third Granted Power
Empower through Consumption (Ex): Unholy warriors with this ability may devour the flesh of their enemies to obtain stored energy for later use. For every Hit Die of formerly living flesh consumed, the unholy warrior receives 1 stored energy unit. Thereafter, as a free action, the unholy warrior may trade in these energy units for a +1 profane bonus to any d20 roll. Thus, he may swap these energy units for bonuses to saving throws, skill checks, attack rolls, and so on. An unholy warrior may spend as many or as few of the energy units as he wishes. No unholy warrior may store more energy units than he has Hit Dice. Any energy units that are consumed in excess of the unholy warrior's Hit Dice are lost. Stored energy units are lost after 12 hours.

For the unholy warrior to gain the benefits of this ability, the meal must be living at the start of the consumption process. To consume a target, the unholy warrior must make a bite attack. This is considered an unarmed attack that provokes an attack of opportunity unless the unholy warrior has a natural bite attack. Attempting to eat a target inflicts 1d2 points of damage per round unless the unholy warrior has a natural bite attack. The biter may perform a coup de grace attack action against a helpless opponent using the normal rules for such attacks. Once the target is dead, it takes 1d6 - the target's size bonus to Armor Class + the unholy warrior's size bonus to Armor Class in minutes to consume it. If the result is 0 minutes or less, the consumption is complete in 1 full-round action.

An unholy warrior may hurry the consumption process, reducing consumption time by half to a minimum of round - but such gorging carries the risk of choking. For each minute that the unholy warrior eats at a rapid pace, he must pass a Concentration check against a DC equal to 10 plus the number of Hit Dice he is trying to consume. A failed check results in choking (see the rules for suffocation in the Dungeon Master's Guide, page 304). Someone else assisting the unholy warrior may remove the obstruction.

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