Tuesday, January 4, 2011

General Rules: Feats - Infernal Patron

Infernal Patron [Vile] (from the Unholy Warrior's Handbook)
You are the chosen servant of a powerful evil entity.
   Prerequisite: Servant of Darkness.
   Benefit: When you take this feat, the DM secretly rolls 1d6 to determine the amount of usefulness points and records the result. Thereafter, you may call upon your patron to aid you in desperate moments. By spending 1 usefulness point, you may reroll an one roll of a d20 result and choose the better of the two rolls. The forces of evil are fickle; they frown upon too-frequent invocations of their names. Hence, the more you try your master, the less useful you are. If at any time your usefulness point total reaches 0, you gain the enmity of your patron. The next time you roll a natural 20 on a d20 check, you must reroll the result and take the lesser roll.
   Special: You may take this feat multiple times, each time gaining a new 1d6 roll. However, if you run out of usefulness points prior to a second instance of this feat, you must sacrifice an amount of gold or items valued shillings equal to your character level times 1,000.

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