Tuesday, January 4, 2011

General Rules: Feats - Courage

Courage [Divine] (adapted from the Relics & Rituals II)
You can use your divine gifts to protect against fear effects.
   Prerequisites: Paladin level 1st+.
   Benefit: If you are at least a 1st level paladin, this feat grants a +4 sacred bonus to saves against fear effects. If you are a 3rd level or higher paladin, this feat also increases the range of your divine auras by +20 feet.

You may expend one of your turn undead attempts when you are subject to any fear effect to gain the effect of a bless spell for as long as the fear effect's duration would have lasted. You may also expend a turn undead attempt to grant an ally affected by a fear effect a second save against that fear effect with a +2 sacred bonus to their saving throw.

Finally, you may expend one of your turn undead attempts to increase the effectiveness of your aura of courage or aura of resistance by +2. This bonus remains for as long as the aura is active.

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