Tuesday, January 4, 2011

General Rules: Feats - Improvise Counterspell

Improvise Counterspell [Alvari, Scion] (from Spells & Spellcraft)
You may cast a counterspell even if you are not capable of casting the spell you wish to counter.
   Prerequisite: Ability to spontaneously cast arcane spells.
   Benefit: You can cast a counterspell without being able to cast the spell that you are trying to counter. To do this, you must follow all the normal rules for casting a counterspell, except that you may use any spell you know, provided the spell is at least two levels higher than the sell being countered. You must have an unused slot of the appropriate level available.
   Normal: A character may only attempt to counter with the spell by casting the same spell or dispel magic.

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