Tuesday, January 4, 2011

General Rules: Feats - Body Pouch

Body Pouch [Scaled One] (adapted from Serpent Kingdoms)
You can open a cavity in your body without harm to yourself and use it to carry or conceal items or creatures.
   Prerequisite: Scaled one.
   Benefit: You can part your scales to reach a hidden, scale-lined flexible cavity in your body that can accommodate objects or creatures. The pouch can hold a maximum volume equal to that of a creature two or more size categories smaller than yourself, and its maximum weight capacity if one-half your own weight. Opening or closing the pouch requires a move action, and removing an item from it or placing one inside requires another move action. if you adopt a different body shape or size via any ability that allows a change of shape, everything in your body cavity is immediately expelled onto the ground at your feet.

If you carry a sharp-edged or pointed object (unless sheathed, wrapped, or otherwise guarded) in this cavity, you take 2d4 points of damage for each round in which you fall, engage in combat, change shape, or make any other violent movements, or 1d4 points of damage for any round in which you make any other move action.

Placing a living creature inside your pouch requires a successful grapple check if it chooses to resist. Any creature inside your body pouch remains alive and comfortable for up to 24 hours unless you choose to attack it.

You may constrict your pouch as an attack action, dealing 1d4+1 points of damage per round of construction to each creature or object inside. A creature inside the pouch dies of asphyxiation after being constricted for a number of consecutive rounds equal to 2 per Constitution point it possesses. A creature inside the pouch can cut its way out by using a light slashing or piercing weapon to deal one-quarter of tour normal hit point total in damage to the pouch. The Armor Class of the inside of your pouch is equal to your touch Armor Class.

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