Tuesday, January 4, 2011

General Rules: Bardic Performance Effects - Spell Delay

Spell Delay (adapted from Path of Magic)
  • Affinity: Bardic Dancing.

  • Cost: One spell slot no more than one level lower than the affected spell.

  • Perform DC: 20.

  • Effect: For every two points by which your Perform check exceeds the DC, you may delay the effect of the targeted spell by one round. When the delay expires, the spell goes off just as if it had been cast in the same round by the original caster and all distances are measured from the point at which the spell was originally cast. The bard does not have to continue performing during the delay, the energy of the original performance holds the spell in abeyance until the delay expires.

  • Miscast: On a miscast, there is no effect, positive or negative, on the affected spell.

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