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General Rules: Feats - Create Manikin

Create Manikin [Item Creation] (from the Seafarer's Handbook)
You can create a manikin - a small representation of a living person - through which you can direct spells that affect the person the manikin represents.
   Prerequisite: Spellcaster level 12th+.
   Benefit: A manikin serves as a focus for the transmission of spells against a target not currently within the spell's range. To sue it, you must collect objects and items connected to the person you wish the manikin to represent. These items must be either parts of the person (hair, teeth, nails, and so on) or something they have worn or held for many years. These objects an items are then placed into a tiny effigy that takes 1 day for each level of the person the mainikin represents as well as 2,000 shillings for each level. Once created, activating the manikin costs 1/25 of this cost in experience points.

A newly created manikin is good for 10 uses, after which it becomes useless. The manikin can be reactivated by spending half its cost in shillings and experience points. Doing so takes half the time it took to create it, during which the creator must meditate upon it and visualize the person in whose image it has been made. Afterward, the manikin is again active and possess 10 more uses.

Any spell may be cast upon an active manikin. If the target is on the same plane as the manikin and is not protected by spells such as antimagic field or the like, he undergoes the full effects of the spell cast upon the manikin. The target gets the usual saving throw and spell resistance check to avoid the spell's effects. Any spell cast on the manikin that would normally have an area of effect greater than a single target is limited to affecting only the person in whose image the manikin is made.

The manikin is a magical item and appears as such under detect magic and similar spells. It is unaffected by the spells cast upon it. It is susceptible to damage by spells and physical attacks directed at it by others, including the caster's allies. The manikin is considered to have 0 hardness and 5 hit points.

   Special: The secret of manikin creation is rare and limited to secretive cults and religions. This feat is restricted to characters who have made friendly contact with such groups.

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