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General Rules: Feats - Discreet Poisoner

Discreet Poisoner [Item Creation] (from the Unholy Warrior's Handbook)
You may manufacture and administer multi-stage poisons.
   Prerequisites: Craft: Alchemy 4+ ranks, Craft: Poison 8+ ranks, Sleight of Hand 4+ ranks.
Poison Prices
300 shillings or less
301 to 800 shillings
1d6 + 1
801 to 1,500 shillings
1d4 +1
1,501 shillings or more
1d2 + 1
   Benefit: By taking this feat, you gain the ability to administer poison in stages. Multi-stage poison is a poison manufactured from non-poisonous components. When the component parts come into contact, they form a virulent poison. As the components themselves are non-magical, they bypass standard detection spells. Only inhaled, contact, and ingested poisons are mutable into multi-stage poisons.

To craft the enhanced poison, you must have the actual poison you wish to transform into a multi-stage poison. You must have access to an alchemist's lab and pass a Craft: Alchemy check against a DC of 20. A successful check results in a proper disassembly of the poison into mundane component parts. Reducing a poison to its parts requires 1 day per 100 shillings of market price. The price of the poison also determines the number of components needed to restore toxicity as shown on the Poison Prices table to the right.

Once the poison has been broken down to its component parts, you must expose the target to each of the component parts. The nature of the components depends upon the normal delivery method. One-half (round down) of the components require the same delivery system as the original poison. In addition, the final component given to the victim must use the original delivery system.

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