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General Rules: Feats - Exalted Companion

Exalted Companion [Exalted] (from the Book of Exalted Deeds)
Instead of an animal companion, you have a magical beast of good alignment.
   Prerequisites: Ability to acquire a new animal companion, minimum level requirement (see below).
   Benefit: When choosing an animal companion, you may choose a magical beast as shown on the table below. You must choose a companion whose alignment is the same as yours, so only a ranger or outdoorsman can have a blink dog, pegasus, or unicorn as a companion. Even though your companion is a magical beast, yon can cast spells on it as though it were an animal. The exalted companion has all the normal abilities of a typical creature of its kind, as well as the characteristics of an animal companion determined by the character's druid, outdoorsman, or ranger class level.

Druid Level1 2
Blink Dog
Lawful Good
4th (-3)
Neutral Good
7th (-6)
Giant Eagle
Neutral Good
7th (-6)
Giant Owl
Neutral Good
7th (-6)
Chaotic Good
7th (-6)
Chaotic Good
7th (-6)
1 A ranger's effective druid level, for purposes of this feat, is his druid level plus half his ranger level.
2 Subtract the number in parentheses from the druid's level (or the ranger's effective druid level) for purposes of determining the companion's characteristics and special abilities as shown on page 36 of the Player's Handbook.
3 Monster detailed in the Monster Manual II.

   Special: The animal companions provided by this feat cannot be subject to the Divine Companion, Elemental Companion, Radiant Companion, or Shadow Companion feats.

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