Tuesday, January 4, 2011

General Rules: Feats - Lucky Failure

Lucky Failure [Changeling, Luck] (adapted from the D&D Wiki)
Your luck protects you from dangerous mishaps.
   Benefit: By expending a luck point, you can avoid negative results from ability and skill checks. If an ability check or skill check would result in consequences other than "no progress", you expend the luck point and avoid the consequences. The consequences never go into play in the first place, and could be triggered again later. Example: You botch a trap and would set it off, but you use a luck point. The trap was never set off, merely that it wasn't disabled. Likewise, botching a Use Magic Device on a scroll doesn't give a failed result and doesn't consume the scroll. You could not use this on a grapple check, where the only degrees of failure is succeeding or failing.

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