Tuesday, January 4, 2011

General Rules: Feats - Natural Harmony

Natural Harmony [General] (from the D&D Wiki)
Your animal companion is energized by your presence.
   Prerequisites: Wild Empathy class feature, Animal Companion class feature, Enchanted Companion, Knowledge: Nature 5+ ranks.
   Benefit: You may select a plant creature as an animal companion. The selected creature has a level modifier that reduces your effective druid level for purposes of determining the companion's characteristics and special abilities that depends on their challenge rating. Creatures with a challenge rating of one or less have no modifier; other creatures use twice their challenge rating minus one, rounded to the closest multiple of three levels, in accord with the table below. You may also use your Wild Empathy class ability against plants, but the check suffers a -6 penalty.

Challenge RatingLevel Modifier
1No Modifier
3 - 4(-6)
6 -7(-12)
8 - 9(-15)

   Normal: Only animals may be selected as animal companions. Wild Empathy only works on works on animals and magical beasts.

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