Tuesday, January 4, 2011

General Rules: Feats - Rapid Scribing

Rapid Scribing [Item Creation] (adapted from Path of Magic)
You are able to scribe scrolls you know at a very rapid pace, provided you are willing to sacrifice more experience to accelerate the process.
   Prerequisites: Scribe Scroll.
   Benefit: When determining how long it takes to scribe a scroll, you must spend one day per 2,000 shillings in the scroll's base price. For spells that cost less than 2,000 shillings, you may scribe multiple scrolls per day provided their total value does not exceed 2,000 shillings and you scribe a number of scrolls no greater than your Intelligence modifier in a single say. You must pay 1/15 the base price in experience points when scribing scrolls at this faster rate.
   Normal: Spellcasters normally require one day per 1,000 shillings value of a scroll to scribe and pay 1/25 the base price in experience points.

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