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General Rules: Feats - Vestigial Twin

Vestigial Twin [General] (from the Unholy Warrior's Handbook)
Awakening within you is a latent twin who is fully intelligent, aware, and resentful to its subordinate level within your body.
   Prerequisite: Damned by Dæmons, character level 6th+.
Vestigial Ego
AttributeEgo Points
Class I Power
Class II Power
Class III Power
Per level of the character
Each +1 of Intelligence bonus
Each +1 of Wisdom bonus
Each +1 of Charisma bonus
   Benefit: When you take this feat, a presence awakens from torpidity. The fiendish spirit forms of your own flesh to manifest within your body, using your cells to form its features - and possibly arms and legs, depending on the level at which you take this feat. The "twin" has an independent personality and a variety of level-dependent capabilities. Each time you take this feat, create an additional twin using the following rules.

Vestigial twins, though visible in the naked body of their host, normally lack any means of self--propulsion, except at the highest levels. They rely upon your strength, your hit points, and your locomotive skills. Consequently, each twin only has three ability scores: Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma. Determine each attribute by rolling 4d6 -2 per existing vestigial twin. These growths are always of the same alignment as their host.

Like intelligent magic items, twins have an Ego score. While no vestigial twin has a special purpose other than to spread discord and evil, they resent being contained in a mortal body, and will attempt to seize control when their host is weak of will and stamina. To measure a twin's ego, consult the Vestigial Ego table to the right.

Your twin has a will of its own. Twins with Ego scores of 20 or higher always consider themselves superior to their hosts, and a personality conflict results if the possessor does not always agree with the twin. If such a personality conflict occurs, you must make a Will saving throw (DC = the vestigial twin's Ego). If you succeed, you are dominant. If you fail, the twin assumes dominance. Dominance lasts for one day or until a critical situation occurs.

All twins speak your primary tongue and may communicate telepathically with you. In addition, twins have the possibility of extra powers based upon the level at which you grew them. As you grow in power, you attract more potent spirits. Consult the Vestigial Potency table to the right for details on their special abilities.

Vestigial Potency
Level Attained
6 - 10
Class I Power
11 - 15
Class II Power
16 - 20
Class III Power
Using the number of capabilities determined above, find the twin's specific abilities by choosing one relevant ability from the following twin powers.

Vestigial twins act independently of their hosts, rolling initiative separately. Though they share your physical attributes, they may take only partial actions. The more potent the twin, the more pronounced its presence in your body. A class I vestigial twin appears as a sub-dermal face on your neck, torso, or face. A class II twin exists in the same locations, but has at least one arm or leg with semi-functional digits. A class III twin is mostly intact, although your bodies intersect at some point. The raw evil of your parasitic twin does not impede you, and the terrifying appearance of your combined bodies provides a +4 circumstance bonus to all Intimidate checks.

Vestigial Twin Powers

Class I Powers (as a 5th-level Sorcerer)
  • Twin has Survival 10 ranks
  • Twin has Sense Motive 10 ranks
  • Host gains Combat Reflexes
  • Host gains Blind-Fight
  • Host gains Improved Initiative
  • Host gains Mobility
  • Host gains Sunder
  • Host gains Combat Expertise
  • Twin may detect good at will
  • Host may find traps at will
  • Host may detect secret doors at will
  • Twin may detect magic at will
  • Twin may cast cure light wounds on host once per day
  • Host gains Uncanny Dodge as a 5th-level barbarian
  • Host gains Evasion
  • Host may see invisible at will
  • Twin may feather fall the host once per day
  • Host need no longer sleep
  • Host need no longer breathe

Class II Powers (as a 9th-level Sorcerer)
  • Host may charm person on contact, three times per day
  • Host gains clairaudience/clairvoyance with a 100-foot range, for 10 rounds, three times per day
  • Host may cast magic missile three times per day
  • Host may cast shield three times per day
  • Host may detect thoughts three times per day
  • Host may levitate three times per day
  • Host may become invisible once per day
  • Host may fly three times per day
  • Twin may cast cat's grace on host once per day
  • Twin may cast bull's strength on host once per day
  • Twin may cast haste on host once per day

Class III Powers (as a 13th-level Sorcerer)
  • Twin may cast blindness once per day
  • Twin may cast confusion once per day
  • Twin may cast fear once per day
  • Twin may cat hold monster once per day
  • Twin confers a +2 luck bonus on all saves, a +2 deflection bonus to Armor Class, and spell resistance 15

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