Saturday, January 1, 2011

Campaign Design - Clerical Domains: Båtor

Båtor Domain (from the Spell Compendium)
Infernal Power: Cult of Ilkeas.
Requirement: Must be lawful evil.
Granted Power: You gain the ability to see perfectly in darkness of any kind, even that created by a deeper darkness spell. You may add Bluff to your list of cleric skills for free.

Båtor Domain Spells
1st: Bane, disguise self
2nd: Darkness, fox's cunning
3rd: Detect thoughts, summon monster III [lawful evil creatures only]
4th: Deeper darkness, suggestion
5th: Spell resistance, summon monster V [lawful evil creatures only]
6th: Dominate person, mass fox's cunning
7th: Repulsion, summon monster VII [lawful evil creatures only]
8th: Demand, spell turning
9th: Imprisonment, summon monster IX [lawful evil creatures only]

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