Saturday, January 1, 2011

Campaign Design - Clerical Domains: Wild

Wild Domain (from Bow & Blade: A Guidebook to Wood Elves)
Divine Power: Vali.
Granted Power: You may add Knowledge: Nature and Survival to your list of character skills for free. You gain the Wild Empathy ability, as a druid equal to your cleric class level. If you have both druid and cleric class levels, these levels stack for the purpose of determining the effectiveness of your Wild Empathy ability.

Wild Domain Spells
1st: Pass without trace
2nd: Canopy walk (B&B)
3rd: Lost (B&B)
4th: Primal scream (B&B)
5th: Call lightning storm
6th: Liveoak
7th: Calculated wrath (B&B)
8th: Whirlwind
9th: Shapechange

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