Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Campaign Design - Unholy Warrior Domains: Pride

Pride Domain (from the Unholy Warrior's Handbook)
Infernal Power: Ishi.

First Granted Power
Hamartia (Su): An unholy warrior with this ability may deduce the fatal flaw in one opponent by observing him for one round and making a successful Concentration check (DC 15). if the check is successful, he gains a bonus equal to her unholy warrior levels on a single attack roll. If that attack succeeds, he may add his Charisma modifier to the damage roll for that attack. This ability may be used with either melee or ranged weaponry.

Second Granted Power
Self-Satisfied (Ex): The prideful unholy warrior with this ability gains a +4 morale bonus to all saves against enchantment [mind-affecting] spells. In addition to this bonus, once per day he may attempt to reflect an enchantment spell cast upon him back at the caster. Doing so requires him to succeed at the Will save against the spell and make a ranged touch attack against the caster. On a successful attack, the original caster must make a Will save with a DC four points higher than that which the spell carried initially. Failure indicates he is under the effects of his own spell as if the unholy warrior had cast it.

Third Granted Power
Impervious Persona (Su): The unholy warrior has an indomitable psyche, buttressed by his arrogance and self-love. Characters with this ability are immune to any form of psionic attack, including spell-like abilities replicating psionic attacks. In addition, the character gains a +6 bonus to saves against psionics. Unholy warrior having attained levels in psion or psychic warrior derive no benefit from this ability.

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