Tuesday, January 4, 2011

General Rules: Bardic Performance Effects - Spell Bounce

Spell Bounce (adapted from Path of Magic)
  • Affinity: Bardic Chanting.

  • Cost: One spell slot of at least the same level as the affected spell.

  • Perform DC: 20.

  • Effect: If your Perform check exceeds the DC, you can make yourself the target of the affected spell and, in turn, top bounce that spell to another target. This performance effect will not work against spells cast by hostile opponents, who will certainly not work with the bard to ensure the performer's safety.

    To use this effect, the bard must be within range of the spell as it is cast by the spellcaster. The bard does not have to be a valid target for the spell - if it is a spell that affects only inanimate objects, the bard may still be the target of the spell provided he is within range of the caster.

    The spellcaster then casts the spell at the bard, who must make a successful DC 20 Perform check. if the check fails and the bard is a valid target for the spell, he suffers all effects or gains all benefits of the spell (normal saving throws and spell resistance checks are allowed). if the check fails and the bard is not a valid target for the spell, the spell is still expended but no effect occurs.

    If the Perform check succeeds, the bard may immediately redirect the spell to a valid target within range of the spell, just as if the original spellcaster were standing in the bard's position. This allows the bard to act as a sort of forward observer, effectively doubling the range of a spell while keeping the spellcaster out of harm's way.

  • Miscast: On a miscast, the spell affects the bard (if he is a valid target) and no saving throw is allowed. Spell resistance still applies.

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