Tuesday, January 4, 2011

General Rules: Bardic Performance Effects - Effect Reduction

Effect Reduction (adapted from Path of Magic)
  • Affinity: Bardic Instrumentals.

  • Cost: One spell slot no more than one level lower than the targeted spell.

  • Perform DC: 10 + the targeted caster's effective caster level + the level of the targeted spell.

  • Effect: When this effect is activated, the targeted spellcaster's effective caster level is decreased by one for the purpose of determining any level-dependent effects of the targeted spell such as damage, duration, or range. This virtual level decrease has no other effect, positive or negative, on the targeted spellcaster or targeted spell.

  • Miscast: On a miscast, the targeted caster's effective level is increased by one for purposes of determining the level-dependent effects of the targeted spell.

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