Tuesday, January 4, 2011

General Rules: Bardic Performance Effects - Effect Dampener

Effect Dampener (adapted from Path of Magic)
  • Affinity: Bardic Instrumentals.

  • Cost: One spell slot no more than two levels lower than the targeted spell.

  • Perform DC: 10 + the targeted caster's effective caster level + the level of the targeted spell.

  • Effect: When this effect is activated, the targeted spell suffers a reduction in all random or variable numeric effects. Reduce the die rolled for these effects by one step - d12's become d10s, d10s become d8s, d8s become d6s, d6s become d4s, and d4s are treated as d3s. Any d3 or smaller die is simply treated as if is rolled a 1.

  • Miscast: On a miscast, the spell is actually amplified, adding one to the result of each die roll.

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