Tuesday, January 4, 2011

General Rules: Feats - Crush

Crush [Fighter, General]
Your blows use you opponent’s armor against him, adding to the power of your own strikes.
   Prerequisites: Strength 15+, Power Attack, Weapon Focus (any bludgeoning weapon).
   Benefit: When using the Power Attack feat with a bludgeoning weapon that you have chosen for the weapon focus feat, you can use your opponent’s armor against him. If the number of points you dedicate to your damage bonus via Power Attack feat equals or exceeds the armor bonus from the armor your opponent wears, then you may add his total armor bonus from armor worn to the damage you deal. For example, if you attack an opponent wearing splint mail, you would have to dedicate 6 points from your base attack bonus to damage in order to use this ability. If you hit with that blow, you would add 6 points (the armor bonus for splint mail) to your damage in addition to the normal damage bonus derived from the Power Attack feat.

Any enhancement bonuses the opponent’s armor may have are added to the value that must be matched to use the ability. This, an attack against an opponent wearing +2 splint mail would require shifting 8 points from base attack to damage. However, these enhancement bonuses are not added to your resulting damage bonus, so +2 splint mail still grants a damage bonus of only +6 for a crush, not +8. An opponent with an armor bonus higher than +8 for armor worn is immune to the effects of this attack. This ability cannot be used against shields, nor do shields count toward the +8 armor bonus required to negate the ability.

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