Tuesday, January 4, 2011

General Rules: Feats - Deformity (Obese)

Deformity (Obese) [Vile] (from the Book of Vile Darkness)
Through intentional gorging and general gluttony, the character is obese. Grossly overweight, she is now at least triple the normal weight for creatures of her kind.
   Prerequisite: Willing Deformity.
   Benefit: The character gains a +2 deformity bonus to Constitution and a -2 deformity penalty to Dexterity. Furthermore, she gains a +2 circumstance penalty on Intimidate checks and saving throws against poison.
   Special: A character with this feat cannot take the Deformity (Gaunt) feat.
   Note: The followers of Bål often favor this feat.

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