Tuesday, January 4, 2011

General Rules: Feats - Furious Strength

Furious Strength [Rage]
You can channel your rage into a single burst of incredible strength.
   Prerequisite: Ability to rage.
   Benefit: You can choose to forego the normal benefits of rage for a single round of incredible strength. To use this feat, a character must still be able to rage at least once during the current day. Furious Strength may be invoked whenever rage would be activated. When the character uses this feat, he gains +20 Strength for a single action that can last no longer than one minute. This can be used to bash down an obstacle, lift an impossible weight until friends can run safely through, or deal tremendous damage to a foe with a single attack. After this action, the character is fatigued for one minute, suffering the same effects as if he had just finished a normal rage.

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