Tuesday, January 4, 2011

General Rules: Feats - Medium Armor Mastery

Medium Armor Mastery [Fighter, General] (from Wildscape)
You have learned how to wear medium armor with maximum efficiency, to the point that when you shed your armor you feel strangely light and exposed. While chainmail might hamper another warrior's movements, you have learned to move with the armor rather than against it.
   Prerequisites: Medium Armor Specialization, BAB +9.
   Benefit: While wearing medium armor, you increase its maximum Dexterity bonus by +1. In addition, you reduce its armor check penalty by 1. You cannot turn a check penalty into a bonus. You now treat medium armor as light armor for purposes of class abilities, feats, and skills.
   Special: You may take this feat only once. While you treat medium armor as light armor, you still suffer the standard movement penalties it imposes as modified by any feats or abilities you possess.

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