Tuesday, January 4, 2011

General Rules: Feats - Energy Web

Energy Web [Alvari, Arcane Battle] (from the Book of Iron Might)
You create a tangible web of searing energy that wraps and tangles around your weapon. When you attack, the web clings to your opponent and continues to damage him for several agonizing seconds.
    Prerequisites: Alvari, Arcane Battle Mastery, Arcane Weapon, Energy Burst, Energy Sheath, Energy Shield, Knowledge: Arcana 19+ ranks, Spellcraft 19+ ranks, BAB +16.
    Benefit: As a swift action you create a web of pure energy that can burn, shock, or freeze an opponent. You must select a type of energy that you have chosen the Energy Sheath, Energy Shield, and Energy Burst feats for; the web’s energy is the same type. If you make a successful melee attack before this ability’s duration ends, you transfer the web of energy to your opponent. He takes an amount of extra energy damage determined by your base attack bonus each round, at the start of your turn, until this ability’s duration ends. You also gain this extra damage on the attack that transfers the web to the target. The target may make a Reflex save (DC 10 + ½ your base attack bonus + your Strength modifier) to avoid the web. If he succeeds, you deal the extra energy damage with your attack, but he avoids becoming trapped in the web and does not take any further damage from it. A creature caught in the web can escape by taking a move action and making a successful Escape Artist check against a DC equal to the Reflex save DC needed to avoid it. You may use this ability a number of times per day equal to your base attack bonus divided by 10, rounded down and each use lasts for a number of rounds equal to one-half your base attack bonus.
Base Attack BonusWeb Damage
+16 to +196d6
    Special: You may take this feat more than once. Each time you must choose a different energy type for which you have the Energy Burst, Energy Sheath and Energy Shield feats. If you are an alvari of the evocation birth school, you are especially skilled when using the powers granted by this feat. You may add your birth school spell power to the save DC to resist the effects of Energy Web (including the DC of the Escape Artist check to escape the Energy Web). In addition, you add +1d6 damage to your damage roll. Further, you may use this ability one additional time per day.

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