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General Rules: Feats - U'pesuristean Script

U'pesuristean Script [Special] (from Vigil Watch: Secrets of the Asaatthi)
Ages of study of the lore of the ancient U'pesturisteans has led to some advances in efficiency among practitioners of the arcane arts. One of the greatest is U'pesuristean script. It is used for both magic and for concise record-keeping, though most can only understand it through the use of read magic. Ancient "reader stones" can project it in an easier-to-red format, at least in its more mundane usage. The writing is done in a tight, multidirectional series. In the original texts produced by the U'pesuristeans, the script is also multidimensional, extending into each of the Three Worlds. Reading the script in mundane form often requires note paper to unravel the various thoughts contained in the symbols. A reader stone is of great help. It takes about a minute to read 250 words in the mundane form, the same as with read magic and arcane writing. It takes twice as long to read U'pesuristean script in arcane form due to its complexity.

Writing in any form of U'pesuristean script takes four times as long as normal, primarily in writing out preliminary notes. Much of the challenge in writing U'pesuristean script lies in compressing text in such a way that it does not take an undue amount of time to read. Sûlic writing is distantly related to U'pesuristean script, but does not have its specialized qualities.
   Benefit: Normal writing converted to U'pesuristean script takes up ⅙ the space that it would otherwise rerquire, so six pages of text compress into one page.. Arcane writings such as scrolls or spellbooks, take up ½ the space they would normally.

Copying spellbook pages written in U'pesuristean script costs 150 shillings per page and 75 shillings per page for extra copies, due to the dense writing, but only half as many pages are needed. This does not affect the cost of scrolls, but it does mean that a scroll may contain up to eighteen spell levels worth of spells scribed on it rather than the usual limit of nine.

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