Monday, January 3, 2011

General Rules: Monsters - Toad

Toad (from the Monster Manual)
Diminutive Animal

Hit Dice: ¼d8 (1 hit point)
Initiative: +1
Speed: 5 feet
Armor Class: 15 (+4 size, +1 Dexterity); touch 15, flat-footed 14
BAB/Grapple: +0/-17
Attack: -
Full Attack: -
Space/Reach: 1 foot by 1 foot/0 feet
Special Attacks: None
Special Qualities: Low-light vision, amphibious
Saves: Fortitude +2, Reflex +4, Will +1
Abilities: Str 1, Int 1, Wis 14, Dex 12, Con 11, Cha 4
Skills: Hide +21, Listen +4, Spot +4
Feats: Skill Augmentation (Listen and Spot)
Environment: Temperate and warm marshes.
Organization: Swarm (10 – 100)
Challenge Rating: 110
Treasure: None
Alignment: Always neutral
Advancement: -
Level Adjustment: -

These diminutive amphibians are innocuous and beneficial, since they eat insects.

Toads always flee from combat.

Amphibious (Ex): Toads can breathe both air and water, although they rarely travel more than a few feet from the water’s edge.

Skills: A toad's coloration gives it a +4 racial bonus on Hide checks.

Toads as Familiars
Toads can serve as familiars for characters eligible to obtain familiars including arcane engineers, hexblades, mind weavers, shadowsworn, sorcerers, and wizards. Arcane casters with toad familiars gain +3 hit points. Toads are suitable familiars for Tiny spellcasters.

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