Saturday, January 1, 2011

Campaign Design - Clerical Domains: Disease

Disease Domain (adapted from Evil and the Thieves' World Player's Manual)
Infernal Power: Kivutar.
Granted Power: You gain immunity to all natural diseases. In addition, you gain a circumstance bonus equal to your caster level on all saves against magical diseases.

Additional Granted Power: You are immune to ability damage or drain caused by disease, though you still suffer any superficial effects such as boils, odors, sores, and so on. This is an extraordinary ability.

Disease Domain Spells
1st: Curse water, itchy hives (TWPM)
2nd: Fit of coughing (TWPM), inflict moderate wounds
3rd: Contagion
4th: Poison, stinking cloud
5th: Eyebite, slay living
6th: Circle of death, regenerate
7th: Destruction, word of ruin
8th: Horrid wilting, symbol of insanity
9th: Energy drain

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