Saturday, January 1, 2011

Campaign Design - Clerical Domains: Sloth

Sloth Domain (as modified by Gods)
Infernal Power: Iku-Tyrma.
Granted Power: You are closest to Iku-Tyrma while lazing and relaxing. You take no penalty to Armor Class against melee attacks while prone.

Additional Granted Power: Once per day as a standard action, you may transform a handful of pebbles into enough food and water to sustain a number of Medium-size creatures equal to your cleric level. You can create whatever simple food you desire. This is a spell-like ability.

Sloth Domain Spells
1st: Sleep, touch of fatigue
2nd: Hold person, unseen servant
3rd: Create food and water, deep slumber
4th: Sending, slow
5th: Enslave (G), symbol of sleep
6th: Planar ally, waves of fatigue
7th: Limited wish, shadow walk
8th: Greater planar ally, waves of exhaustion
9th: Astral projection, miracle

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