Saturday, January 1, 2011

Campaign Design - Clerical Domains: Undeath

Undeath Domain (as modified by Undead)
Infernal Power: Tuni.
Granted Power: You gain the feat Extra Turning as a bonus feat.

Additional Granted Power: You gain a +2 profane bonus to your die roll on any turning check you make, but only to command or rebuke undead, not to turn them.

Undeath Domain Spells
1st: Deathwatch, detect undead
2nd: Desecrate, mask undead (U), resist turning (U)
3rd: Animate dead, heal undead (U)
4th: Death ward, hold undead (U)
5th: Circle of doom, unhallow
6th: Create undead
7th: Blasphemy, control undead
8th: Create greater undead
9th: Energy drain, soul bind

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