Saturday, January 1, 2011

Campaign Design - Clerical Domains: Winter

Winter Domain (from Frostburn)
Infernal Power: Iku-Tyrma.
Granted Power: During the winter season, you gain a +2 sacred bonus to all Wisdom-based skill checks.
Additional Granted Power: You gain Cold Resistance 5.

Winter Domain Spells
1st: Ray of frost, snowsight (FB)
2nd: Chill metal, snow walk (FB)
3rd: Protection from elements, winter's embrace (FB)
4th: Sleet storm
5th: Blizzard (FB), ice storm
6th: Cone of cold, death hail (FB)
7th: Control weather, Iku-Tyrma's freezing sphere
8th: Simulacrum, summon giants [frost giants only] (FB)
9th: Elemental swarm [ice paraelementals only], fimbulwinter (FB)

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