Saturday, January 1, 2011

Campaign Design - Clerical Domains: Gluttony

Gluttony Domain (as modified by Gods)
Infernal Power: Bål.
Granted Power: For a total time per day of 1 round per cleric level you possess, you can increase your size as if you were affected by an enlarge person spell. Activating this supernatural ability or ending it is a free action.

Granted Power: You are immune to all ingested poisons and any diseases or effects resulting from eating rotten or spoiled food.

Gluttony Domain Spells
1st: Goodberry
2nd: Death knell
3rd: Create food and water, neutralize poison
4th: Stinking cloud, vampiric touch
5th: Baleful polymorph, contagion
6th: Heroes' feast
7th: Stone to flesh
8th: Bite of the king, flesh to stone
9th: Bål's's magnificent mansion, trap the soul

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