Sunday, January 2, 2011

Campaign Design - Clerical Domains: Judgment

Judgment Domain (adapted from The Divine and the Defeated, Hamunaptra: Egyptian Adventures, and Relics & Rituals II)
Divine Power: Tiwas.
Granted Power: Once per day you may make a true strike against someone who has wounded you within the previous twenty-four hours. This is a spell-like ability and may be used as a free action. Add Sense Motive to your list of character skills for free.

Additional Granted Power: Once per day, you may invoke an aura of occlusion around yourself that forces anyone attempting to strike or otherwise directly harm you first make a Will save (DC + your Wisdom modifier). If the save succeeds, the attacker may proceed and if unaffected by the aura thereafter. If the save fails, the attacker cannot follow through on their attack and may not attack you again for the duration of the aura's effect. The aura persists for one minute per cleric level. If you attack or cast a damaging spell, the aura fades away immediately.

Judgment Domain Spells
1st: Comprehend languages, prevarication's bounty (RR)
2nd: Tiwas's balance (RR), zone of truth
3rd: Bestow curse (PHB and WHB), searing light
4th: Discern lies
5th: Righteous might, true seeing
6th: Divine talion (DD), geas/quest
7th: Forcecage
8th: Mind blank, moment of prescience
9th: Imprisonment, soul bind

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