Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Campaign Design - Unholy Warrior Domains: Magic

Magic Domain (from the Unholy Warrior's Handbook)
Infernal Power: Ishi.

First Granted Power
Read and Detect Magic (Sp): Once per day per unholy warrior level, the unholy warrior may cast read magic and detect magic. The unholy warrior casts these spells as a free action and without any components. She may cast them simultaneous (as if one or the other were enhanced by the Quickened Spell metamagic feat) or separately. In all other respects this ability functions exactly like the spells of the same name.

Second Granted Power
Spell Resistance (Su): The unholy warrior gains spell resistance equal to his unholy warrior levels, to a maximum of 15. This resistance only applies to one school of magic, which the unholy warrior chooses when he gains this ability. Once the unholy warrior makes this choice, it may never be changed. Spell resistance derived from this ability stacks with other spell resistance.

Third Granted Power
Aura of Antimagic (Su): Whenever magic from an explicitly "good" source (such as sacred items or spells with the good descriptor) is used against the unholy warrior, he may add his Charisma modifier to the saving throw. All allies within 10 feet of the unholy warrior receive a +2 profane bonus to their saves against such magic. Magic items in the hands of good casters are unaffected by this aura (unless the magic items are themselves sacred or good-aligned in some manner).

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