Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Campaign Design - Unholy Warrior Domains: Sloth

Sloth Domain (from the Unholy Warrior's Handbook)
Infernal Power: Iku-Tyrma.

First Granted Power
Resist Compulsion (Ex): These lazy figures are difficult to impel into action, even when an opponent uses magic against them. Unholy warriors with this ability receive a +6 competence bonus to all saves against enchantment [compulsion] spells and effects.

Second Granted Power
Distract Foe (Ex): As a move-equivalent action that does not draw an attack of opportunity, the unholy warrior may attempt to distract an opponent, which has the same effect as feinting in combat through use of the Bluff skill. If the character has another feat or ability reducing feinting from a standard action to a move-equivalent action, distract foe further reduces the action to a free action.

Third Granted Power
Slow Aura (Sp): Once per day, the unholy warrior can emit a slow effect in a 30-foot spread originating from his position. He is unaffected by the aura. The slow field functions as the spell of the same name. All those within the area of effect are entitled to a Will save (DC 13 + the unholy warrior's Charisma modifier) to avoid the effect. if the opponent fails her saving throw with a natural roll of 1, she falls fast asleep, though she may be roused normally.

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