Tuesday, January 4, 2011

General Rules: Feats - Protective Parry

Protective Parry [Fighter, Halfling, Regional]
Your training enables you to defend not only yourself, but also friendly creatures adjacent to you.
   Prerequisites: Dexterity 13+, Intelligence 13+, Combat Expertise, Parry, native to Enselm or the Gorovlic Isles.
   Benefit: When a creature that you threaten is attacked, you may use a parry attempt for the round to parry a blow that would hit that creature.
   Normal: You may only attempt to parry attacks directed at you.
   Special: If you have the Improved Parry feat, you may parry multiple attacks against allies within the area you threaten with your weapon, but you cannot protect any creature more than once per round. If you have the Expert Parry feat, you may parry multiple attacks that would hit the same creature regardless of their source. In both cases, parrying for another creature uses up a parry attempt and a possible attack of opportunity for the round.

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