Tuesday, January 4, 2011

General Rules: Feats - Soft Step

Soft Step [Changeling, Halfling] (from Path of the Sword)
You are so light on your feet that you avoid an opponent's tremorsense ability.
   Prerequisites: Changeling or Halfling, Dexterity 13+.
   Benefit: While using this feat you cannot be targeted by an opponent's tremorsense ability. Your base speed is one-half normal while using this ability. Additionally, any skill checks that require extreme movement (such as Escape Artist or Tumble) may allow an opponent to detect you. Add five to the DC of any skill check if it is made while using Soft Step. Making an attack roll immediately negates the benefits of this feat. Once you have revealed yourself to a creature, you may not use Soft Step against it again until you leave its tremorsense range and then return.
   Special: Creatures wearing heavier than light armor may not benefit from this feat.

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